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Privacy Policy

How do we handle your personal data?

At UPART, we take our users' privacy seriously and do not sell, rent, or provide personal data to any third party or parties for marketing or monetary purposes. We only share this information with third-party software application services that process your personal data with strict privacy constraints to provide necessary services.

For example, we use a credit card processing company to bill our users for purchasing content. These third-party services do not retain, share, or store your personal data, except for the purpose of providing these services, and are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

UPART's v1 offers a "web profile" feature that allows users to publish parts of their UPART profile, such as their name and other personal data, to the public internet. You have control over which personal data is published or disabled through the application settings.

What are your rights?

You have several rights regarding the use of your data. It is your choice to provide us with the data you want us to use. However, certain specific types of information are necessary for UPART to provide you with our services. If you choose not to provide this information, UPART will be unable to render our services to you.

You may choose to provide, update, restrict, and/or delete your data and account on UPART. Many of these actions are already automated in the UPART academy. For example, you can delete and update your live classes, courses, and course files directly from the academy. Other actions that you want to take on your data will be executed by UPART.

You may also choose to retrieve your personal data from UPART. Most of the data is present in your academy, such as recorded videos and contact information. In specific cases, you may reach out to UPART, as mentioned below.